How to Fix Mouse Pointers (Touchpad) Acting Erratically

I’m using my laptop for a while now and always took care of it (No malicious links, No installation of unverified software etc.) but all of a sudden, my mouse pointer acted up weird so I got this following solutions to try for your reference:

Try to restart your device first before trying the following:

1.) Uncheck enhance pointer precision in the Pointers Options.

2.) Update your Windows or your drivers depending on the brand of laptop you’re using.

3.) Remove all connected devices (wireless mouse, flash drives or wires) then make a quick scan of your PC or use CCleaner to dump unnecessary files.

#3 worked for me, apparently you cannot save your PC from malicious malware so always keep in mind to clean your hard drives or SSDs to prevent this issue. Got anything to add? Feel free to comment in our comment section below.

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