Best Smartphones for the Year 2014!

Year 2014 is what we call as “the year of mobile innovation” basically because most features and upgrades of smartphones and tablets have been introduced and it opened all possibilities that can be done in handheld devices. Now we decided to have a rundown on what we think the best mobile devices released this year.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4
    • Maybe you weren’t surprise that this Samsung Galaxy device is included on our list because we know this is the best phablet so far. I’ve waited patiently, followed the tweets of my friend who was in the Samsung event and it paid off because I was surprised because of its upgrades from the Note 3. One thing I liked about it is the aesthetics and design. The metallic build and lesser width made it easier to hold in one hand. Not to mention its specifications, it has two variants, the Exynos octacore and Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 all equipped with 3GB RAM. Multi-tasking is even better with this device and the Touchwiz UI has been improved. Lastly the S-Pen is more accurate and reliable when making notes or just doodling when you’re bored.

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  • IPhone 6
    • Probably the best 4-inch screen smartphone available. Apple learned a lot from Samsung in making large screen devices as they pumped up from 4-inch to 4-7 inch in their IPhone 6. In my opinion, it really made the IPhone even better in all aspects design, build, screen quality and even the camera. We can say that the IPhone 6 is the best looking phone in the market today.
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  • Zenfones
    • When we say game-changing device, Zenfones is the one thing that comes into my mind because it really showed how they can make a high quality smartphone in a very affordable price. Don’t get me wrong because there are other cheaper phones available but none of it can go in par with the features that the Zenfones brings. The camera is also good with this one as it can take one of the best low light shots produced by a smartphone. Plus the re-emergence of Intel CPU can be seen in the Zenfones as it has few setbacks when it was first released in other smartphone brands with according to some users has “heating issues”. Lastly, the second generation of it is according to leaks online has 64-bit architecture.

ZenFone 5 _Red_Angle_Low

  • LG G3
    • At first, I thought that the FHD 1920×1080 resolution is the maximum for the smartphones and tablets. I was wrong, as this LG flagship introduced the QHD screen panel about 2560×1440 resolution got me into my sit and think again on how this feature stacks up compare to its competitors. Plus the laser guide autofocus sounded cool but really it is a legit feature because it’s the fastest when it comes to focusing on an item when taking photos. We can say that if you’re looking for the best Android camera phone, the G3 is our choice.


  • Samsung Galaxy S5
    • In my opinion, this is the smartphone of the year mainly because it is well balanced in all aspects. I myself owns one and I haven’t any regrets on choosing this phone. Maybe the only flaws on the S5 are the back cover design, not so good fingerprint scanner and the chrome on the edges that easily peels off.


  • Xiaomi Mi3 and Mi4
    • Xiaomi has been hailed as the number 1 smartphone producer in China overshadowing Samsung because of its affordable price with beastly specs that can go up against the likes of HTC M8, Samsung S5, and LG G3. The Mi3 shook up the smartphone industry with its features but in the Philippines it didn’t affect that much as they had problem when it comes to availability as it can only be purchased online.


  • OnePlus One
    • Dubbed as the “flagship killer” because of the price – specs ratio . The OnePlus One comes with the Cyanogen Mod OS that boosts android software/hardware compatibility. The only problem is the availability, you need to have an invite to purchase one but overall you won’t have any regrets on getting this one.


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